Superior Photography

By using the latest technology in infrared imaging, I am able to capture light in a way that is beyond the visible spectrum, producing images that are mysterious and hauntingly beautiful.


  • 2010: Graduated from California State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in photography and graphic design

Memberships & Organizations

  • Artist Member: Studio Channel Islands Art Center (SCIART)
  • Affiliate Art Member of Excellence: Global Art Agency


  • 2011: Carol Sabine Gold Prize (Bardsdale series)
  • 2011: Herald V. Bernstein Award (Smoke series)
  • 2012: PhotoCA Magazine's Emerging Artists Award (Bodie series)
  • 2012: Ventura County Photo's Gold Medal Award (Bardsdale series)
  • 2012: Santa Barbara Photography Society Award (Mountain View #11)
  • 2013: California Photographic's Medal of Excellence (Mountain View series)
  • 2013: SCIART Annual Juried Group Show Grand Prize in 2D Art (Bodie #5)
  • 2013: Warner Award in Fine Art Photography (Medicine Lake #2)
  • 2014: Scientific Arts Association's Recognition of Excellence Award (Anonymous MRI: Subject MAO-A/P)
  • 2014: Great Plains Art Commissions' Photographic Arts Award (Medicine Lake series)
  • 2015: California Institute of Western Art's Achievement in New Media (Remnants series)
  • ​2015: Andrew Barrington Foundation's Excellence in Fine Art (Remnants #4)
  • 2015: California Artists Association First Place Award (Remnants #24)
  • 2016: Southwestern Historical Society's Preservation Award in Art (Remnants #15)

List of Published Work

  • March 2015: Hidden Teasure Art Magazine Yearbook 2015, Volume 1
  • 2015: Global Art Agency's Contempoary Art of Excellence, Volume 1
  • May 2015: ARTSpectrum's Semi-annual May issue, Voulume 33
  • April 2022: Remnants #4 in Observica Art Magazine 2021 Special Edition issue

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