Human Amongst The Uncanny Synopsis

Jordan Poe
Owner - J Poe Digital Studios

"Human Amongst the Uncanny" is a departure from my previous series with this collection of images that pushes the boundaries of the uncanny valley effect by integrating a human subject. The anonymous subject is captured in a series of surreal and eerie environments, surrounded by unsettling objects and landscapes that blur the line between reality and the uncanny.

Each photograph explores a different facet of the uncanny valley, highlighting how the viewer's perception of human-like qualities can shift from charming to unsettling as the likeness becomes more accurate. In some photos, the subject is portrayed in a robotic manner, surrounded by machinery and wires. In others, the subject's appearance is exaggerated, featuring enigmatic curiosity and distorted limbs, creating an eerie, unsettling, yet intriguing effect.

Throughout the series, the human subject acts as a bridge between the viewer and the uncanny realm, serving as a familiar point of reference amidst the strangeness of the environment. The series challenges our understanding of what is considered normal, eliciting emotions of discovery, awe, and discomfort.

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